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Just bought a new laptop, working from home, or have customers outside of Germany? Sorted will guide you through adding your income and expenses and will automatically prepare your tax reports.

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Whenever you are ready, we will take care of submitting your automatically prepared tax reports directly to the Finanzamt through the official online ELSTER interface. No ELSTER account needed.

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Need additional tax guidance or reports for your specific case? Your dedicated tax consultant on Sorted can explain complex tax topics in an easy to understand language, both in English and German.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Sorted for me?

Sorted covers the entire tax needs for the vast majority of the freelancers and self-employed professionals. Check out our FAQ section on does Sorted support my specific case for more information.

How much does Sorted cost?

You can register as a freelancer, do your bookkeeping and submit your yearly tax reports for free with Sorted. Once you start earning above a certain amount or have clients in the European Union (EU), you will need to submit a monthly or quarterly VAT declaration. This could be done with the Sorted Pro plan. Check out our pricing page for more details.

How do I prepare my tax reports with Sorted?

Your tax reports are automatically prepared by Sorted based on the income and expenses you enter. The only exception to this is your personal income tax return, which requires a few more details to complete the report, such as your health insurance or pension contributions.

Who submits my tax reports to the tax office (Finanzamt)?

You submit your tax reports electronically to the Finanzamt through Sorted. Sorted is connected directly to the Finanzamt through their official software provider, ELSTER.

How long does it take for my tax reports to arrive in the tax office (Finanzamt)?

After you submit your tax reports, you will immediately receive a document confirming that the reports have arrived at the Finanzamt. However, it may take a while before the Finanzamt reviews your tax reports and sends you a tax assessment via post.

Do I need to have an ELSTER account to submit my tax reports?

No, you can submit all your tax reports directly from Sorted. No ELSTER account or certificate needed. Sorted takes care of connecting to the Finanzamt through ELSTER.


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Sorted is a real life changer

First I thought it's not needed and that I can handle all the paper stuff by myself. But I gave it a try anyway, cause a friend recommended it to me and I am so happy that I did! It's so much fun using it, I get an overview about all my income and expenses and it's so easy and intuitive to use: Just add all your invoices and bills when you create or receive them and that's it. The paperwork is done!

You can also ask for tax advice which I have done once, and the tax advisor Vanessa has been very kind and responded very quick to my message.

I will definitely stick around with them and highly recommend you to give it a try.

Stefanie Röher
Founder of LerneDeutsch

My only complaint about Sorted is that it was not available before.

I ditched the other apps I was using without looking back. Sorted is not just an electronic account sheet to be filled in, it helps you to understand how to do it properly. Particularly if German is your second language, even with C1 I am more confident reading my tax obligations in English.

Dr. Eduardo Calvillo
Product Strategist Consultant

I use Sorted products for a few months already and I am very satisfied with this product.

First, it is in English; second, it has a very user-friendly interface. I use it for my daily accounting and TAX reporting activities. Founders of the company are nice and friendly; they are regularly asking for feedback and implementing new features on very short notice. Compared with other providers Sorted has very competitive pricing.

If you are a freelancer in Germany, I would totally recommend trying it.

Ieva Budiene
Relocation Consultant

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