How to make the most of your freelancer tax return

Find out how to declare your work related expenses, health insurance, and more
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About the webinar

This tax webinar deep dives on the most common questions related to preparing the annual income tax return for freelancers.

You will learn

What are the most common deductible expenses for freelancers?
How to deduct health insurance and other personal expenses?
What changes if you are married, have children or have additional income?
About our guest speaker
Dr. Udo Bork, Donrbach Nexxt

Udo has more than 20 years professional experience in tax consulting. He is the CEO of Dornbach Nexxt. Dornbach Nexxt specialises in providing tax advice for freelancers and self employed merchants.

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Date: Wednesday, July 15th, 2020
Time: 3pm CET (German local time)
Duration: 45 mins
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